Saint for April 3

Theodosia of Tyre

Commemorated on April 3

Once, during a persecution against Christians, which had already lasted for five years, the seventeen-year-old Saint Theodosia visited condemned Christian prisoners in the Praetorium in Caesarea, Palestine. It was the day of Glorious Resurrection, and the martyrs spoke about the Kingdom of God. Saint Theodosia asked them to remember her before the Lord, when they should come to stand before Him.

Soldiers seized her and led her before the governor Urban after seeing the maiden bow to the prisoners. The governor advised her to offer sacrifice to the idols but she refused, confessing her faith in Christ. Then they subjected the saint to cruel tortures, raking her body with iron claws until her bones were exposed.

The martyr was silent and endured the sufferings with a happy face, and when the governor told her again to offer sacrifice to the idols she answered, “You fool, I have been granted to join the martyrs!” They threw the maiden with a stone about her neck into the sea, but angels rescued her. Then they threw the martyr to the wild beasts to be eaten by them. Seeing that the beasts would not touch her, they cut off her head.

By night Saint Theodosia appeared to her parents, who had tried to talk their daughter out of her intention to suffer for Christ. She was in bright garb with a crown upon her head and a luminous gold cross in her hand, and she said, “Behold the great glory of which you wanted to deprive me!”

The Holy Martyr Theodosia of Tyre suffered in the year 307.

So many women and men have given their lives for remaining faithful to Him Who is always faithful to His people!

St Theodosia of Tyre pray for us in this pandemic.

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