Our Mission

Holy Trinity Clearview is a newly amalgamated Church, worshiping in the former Church of the Redeemer, Duntoon. This Amalgamated Anglican Parish will serve Jesus Christ in the villages of Singhampton, Duntroon and Batteaux and surrounding rural area by combining the human, capital and spiritual resources of the three parishes to create a single parish that will be greater than the sum of its parts.

We will endeavour to honour our past, 
Engage fully with the present, 
And move boldly, with faith, into the future

We are called to love God, and love our neighbors.  Through the generous efforts of parish supporters, both monetary and non-monetary donations were made possible to the following donees:

– Osprey Central School Annual Music Award
– Singhampton Union Cemetery
– Nottawa Public School – educational initiatives
– The Salvation Army
– The Door Youth Centre in Stayner
– Youth Food Program at Collingwood Public Library
– My Friends House
– Collingwood General & Marine Hospital
– Hospice Georgian Triangle
– Simcoe Muskoka Child Youth Family Services
– Youth With a Mission
– Clearview Food Bank
– Faithworks
– Non-monetary supplies for My Friends House and food bank donations
Church of the Redeemer, Duntroon (Former)