Saint for April 12

Monastic Martyrs Menas, David, and John, of Palestine Commemorated on April 12 The Monk Martyrs Menas, David and John lived in Palestine. They were martyred in the seventh century by Arabs, who shot them through with arrows (+ post 636, when Jerusalem was captured by the Arabs).

Saint for April 10

Martyr Terence and 40 others beheaded at Carthage Commemorated on April 10 The Holy Martyr Terence and his companions suffered under the emperor Decius (249-251). The emperor issued an edict commanding all subjects to offer sacrifice to the pagan idols. When the governor of Africa Fortunianus received this edict, he gathered the people into the city …

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Saint for April 9

Saint Eleni (also called Susanna) Commemorated on April 9 Saint Eleni (who was also called Susanna) was Saint Irene’s older cousin, and suffered along with Saints Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene on April 9, 1463. On November 12, 1961 Mrs. Basilike Rallis had a dream in which she saw herself by the church at Karyes near the …

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Saint for April 8

Apostle Herodion of the Seventy, and those with Him Commemorated on April 8 Saints Herodion (Rodion), Agabus, Asyncritus, Rufus, Phlegon and Hermes were among the Seventy Apostles, chosen by Christ and sent out by Him to preach. The holy Apostle Herodion was a relative of Saint Paul, and his companion on many journeys. When Christianity had …

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Saint for April 7

Martyr Calliopius at Pompeiopolis in Cilicia Commemorated on April 7 The Holy Martyr Calliopius was born in Perge, Pamphylia of the pious woman Theoklia, wife of a renowned senator. Theoklia was childless for a long time. She fervently prayed for a son, vowing to dedicate him to God. Soon after the birth of her son Theoklia …

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