Prayer for spouses

Christ is risen!

I have this prayer that has helped me over the years so I thought I would share it (possibly again for some¬†ūüėČ).

Lord Jesus Christ, by Your presence You blessed the wedding in Cana and showed us that You are the true priest of mystical and pure marriage. 

We thank You for the day on which by Your heavenly blessing You joined us in the sacrament of marriage. 

Lord, continue to bless and enrich our marriage in love companionship, mutual support, oneness of heart and progress in faith and life. 

Protect our Holy wedlock from sin, evil and danger. Nurture between us the spirit of understanding, the spirit of forgiveness and the spirit of peace, that no resentment, quarrel or other problem may cause us to stumble and fall. 

Grant us to see our own faults and not to judge each other. Keep our bond of love always new. 

Gladden our lives with the joys of marriage, that with one heart we may praise and glorify You. 


Indeed He is risen!Fr Ray 

2 thoughts on “Prayer for spouses”

  1. Susan Belton

    Ray – your sermons by phone have taken the place of my WLU distance ed courses on tape. I’ve listened to them so often at this point, I think I could break 90 on an exam! Great applications for getting through life’s messes, especially seeing the GOOD that comes from the bad and re-focusing on the Almighty, where evil has no power. You are so right! Self-focus seems to be the direction to which our whole society has shifted, to our detriment. Some of our parents survived pandemics, the depression and a world war, but they worked hard, made the best of things and did quite well, for the most part. I believe the key was their faith and their aversion to self-absorption. Our faith and our churches were a huge focus of family life and GOD was our strength, a fundamental source of our happiness, as now at Holy Trinity. Thanks again for your faith, valuable lessons and hard work, fabululous, as always. God bless you, Father Ray! Belton

  2. Susan Belton

    Fr. Ray –
    The Spouse’s Prayer is the most beautiful prayer I have ever read/heard. What an incredible way to tell someone you love them and to illustrate to them that your values are indeed, soul deep. It seems to me that this is exactly what most people are looking for! This lovely prayer says it all! Thanks for this!

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